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Sewing with Minky/Cuddle Fabrics Sew using at least a 3.5mm stitch length and use a 90/14 Stretch Needle. Be aware of nap, grain and stretch. Stitch stretchy sides together and non-stretchy sides together. Pin fabrics together well and sew slowly. Flat flower head pins are best because they are easy to see in the thickness of Cuddle/Minky. Sewing fast will cause upper fabric to stretch. Use a Walking Foot or Even Feed Foot to prevent stretching, pleating and shifting of fabric. Engage the needle-down feature on your machine. If you do not have this feature, turn the wheel on the right side of your machine to put the needle in the fabric when you stop to adjust the fabric, and continue stitching. Make sure that your presser foot tension is not too tight. This can cause the fabric to not feed through the machine evenly.