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Upcoming Events at the Quilt Peddler

Spring Bus Hops

$159 plus tax

$75 deposit upon registration

Snacks, Meals, Bus, and Hotel Accommodations all included! **Single accommodations available for an additional $50

Bus will depart from and return to the Quilt Peddler.

April 6th and 7th

Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin

The Quilt Corner

Feed Mill Fabric and Quilting

Expressions in Thread

The Quilt Peddler

Village Creek Quilts

Ye Olde Schoolhouse

Loose Threads

Quilter’s General Store

Register by March 23rd

April 27th and 28th
Antique “Mini Quilt” Road Show

Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin

Quilted Treasures

Pins N’ Needles

Quiltmaker’s Shoppe

Millhouse Quilts

Calico Hutch

The Quilt Peddler

Stitch Supply Co.

Quilter’s Window

Free pattern at each shop

Register by April 12th

Very Beginner Quilt Class

This class is geared toward the true beginner. Instructor Diane Reuter will teach students the ins and outs of cutting and sewing fabric to make a small wall hanging. Students will learn terminology, creating a ¼” seam, piecing, pressing, fabric selection, pattern reading, making a lattice, adding borders, making a quilt sandwich, binding, and many tips and tricks along the way!

$75.00 for 4 sessions

9 AM - 12 PM February 19, February 26, March 5, March 12

Call the Quilt Peddler to sign up and get supply list!

Janome Red Tag Sales going on Now - February 28th

Support Your Local Quilt Shop Day - January 26th

10 Reasons to Shop Locally

  1. Local character and prosperity - Your community’s local character and prosperity thrive when you support its unique and diverse locally owned businesses

  2. Community well-being Local - businesses foster community well-being by building strong neighborhoods, sustaining communities, and contributing more to local causes.

  3. Local decision-making Local - ownership means local decision-making by people who live in the community and share in the effect of those decisions.

  4. Local economic benefits - Keeping your money in you local economy supports local jobs, funds, more local services through sales tax, and invests in neighborhood improvement and development.

  5. Local jobs and wages - Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and, in come cases, provide better wages and benefits than chains do.

  6. Entrepreneurship - Local entrepreneurship fosters economic innovation and prosperity.

  7. Public services costs - Local stores in town centers make more efficient use of public services and community infrastructure than big-box chain stores.

  8. Environmental impact - Local stores help sustain vibrant, compact, walkable town centers, which in turn are essential to reducing sprawl, automobile use, habitat loss, and air and water pollution.

  9. Healthy competition - A marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses across the country fosters healthy competition and ensures innovation and competitive prices all over the long term.

  10. More choices for you - An abundance of small, locally owned businesses, each selecting its own product, guarantees a much wider range of product choices for everyone in the community.

Stonehenge 10th Anniversary

March 15th - September 30th

More information to come!

Stay warm and happy sewing! 

The Quilt Peddler
4420 Hwy 18
Fennimore, WI