Open Sewing
The Quilt Peddler's lower level is open every Friday (10 AM - 5 PM), Saturday (8 AM - 4 PM), and the second Monday (10 AM - 10 PM)of each month for open sewing. Take advantage of the Peddler's ample space, comfortable chairs, and design walls for a nominal fee of $5.00.


One of the most challenging parts of making a quilt is choosing the fabrics. This class will make the process of choosing fabrics so much easier. There is no stitching in this class. The focus it totally on learning about fabrics and how to decide what fabrics go well together and why. Bring along 3 squares of 20 different fabrics (cut 2 each, for a total of 40 squares) We will share the squares everyone brings, and use them to illustrate a Fabric Selection notebook that will serve as a valuable reference tool. Students will learn to identify the types of fabrics in their collection, see what areas they are lacking in, and learn combination hints that will make Fabric Selection Easy!

All Skill Levels Welcome

Cost: $ 30.00
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Cost: $ 159.00
Whether you have quilted before or not, this class is for you. Begin as if you are new to hand quilting, and explore the world of poke-pull (or stab stitch) quilting. Executed differently from running stitch, poke-pull quilting is easier to do and allows you to make quilting stitches that are straight and even, and look the same on the front of the quilt as they do on the back. No more calluses, no sore fingers, and no need for a thimble, poke-pull quilting is especially good for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or limited flexibility due to mastectomies.

Materials needed: Pattern Panel Fabric Sewing Machine Rotary Cutter & Mat Ruler Neutral Thread Scissors

Goal: To share techniques that will help with piecing a quilt successfully. To explore various ways of piecing. Sharing tips that may make the process quicker and easier. This is a teach-me/show me program.